TV 100: Taxab President Mr. Manu Gaur Addressed a Gathering at DIT University on the Effects of #OverPopulation

India Voice: Taxab President Mr. Manu Gaur Addressed a Gathering at DIT University on the Effects of #OverPopulation
October 5, 2018
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October 5, 2018

TV 100: Taxab President Mr. Manu Gaur Addressed a Gathering at DIT University on the Effects of #OverPopulation

Manu Gaur President, Taxpayers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) delivered a Talk on the ill-effects of overpopulation at a joint session of IMS Unison University & DIT University, Dehradun (Uttarakhand), and interacted with around 500+ students and faculty members, this is in continuation of TAXAB initiative to create a platform where Mr Manu Gaur engages with youth from across India and interacts on ill effects of Over Population. The core concept is to motivate the youth, inspire and share ideas and create awareness.

Manu Gaur shared some stats like how from around 360 million at the time of independence, we are now a country with more than 1.42 billion people. India’s land area has remained the same. The population density has increased threefold. Although our country’s land area is approximately only 2.5% of the world landmass & we have to feed 17.5% of the world population. And not to forget, India has seen a steady rise in the number of migrants too. While on one hand, we have a mushrooming middle class who strive hard to increase the productivity of the nation, pay their taxes on time, on the other hand, we have an ever- increasing population, which continues to hinder our development prospects. Presently India is the most populous country in the world. He further said that Rs. 2.25 lakh crore of taxpayers has been spent on family planning scheme, despite that our population has increased by more than 100 crores. Isn’t this a misuse of taxpayers money? This is why taxpayers need to ask the government why they are not bringing population control law in the country? He talked about the development in agriculture production field where he emphasized on the dark side of the increased production. He said yes, the countries agricultural production has been increased to 5 times but along with this the use of chemical fertilisers also gets increased by more than 80 times from 1961 onwards which leads India on the path of diseases and destruction.

He updated the participants on the efforts and initiatives done by TAXAB in the last 2 years, and how Taxpayers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) is engaged in creating awareness to raise desired concern and apprehension over the alarming Population Growth.

He emphasized that the burgeoning population is like a ticking time bomb. While our resources are limited, our land area remains the same, where and how are we going to cope with these rapidly growing numbers of people? Experts predict an acute shortage of drinking water, pollution levels that may make life impossible among the many impacts in years to come due to overpopulation in India.

He shared with short videos and TAXAB theme song of the #BHARAT4POPULATIONLAW movement sung by leading singers (Suresh Wadkar, Kailash Kher, Shaan, Ankit Tiwari, Ravi K Tripathi, Mayuresh Pai, Anant Bhardwaj etc.) of the country, “Main Bharat Bol Raha Hoon.” The song is meant to shake the collective conscience of citizens and policymakers for turning the blind eye to the problem of ever-increasing population.

Bharat is crying and asking to be saved; it is time that we stand up and press upon our policymakers to enact a Population Control Law.

He requested students to participate in this movement for population control and invited scholars and strategists who can contribute to active policy building on this issue as TAXAB will be happy to collaborate and further actionable tasks with your help.

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