The Hindu : Citizens group calls for child-limit law

Hindustan Times : Outfit launches campaign seeking population control law, two-child policy
July 9, 2017
The Indian Express: Campaign to be launched for strict population control
July 9, 2017

A citizens group, Taxpayers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) endorsed by such varied celebrities as agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan and actor Adil Hussain, is demanding a central law for restricting the number of children a couple can have.

The TAXAB, headed by agriculturist and social worker Manu Gaur will launch a petition on July 10 asking for the same from the government at a function where Dr. Swaminathan, Lt. Gen (retd) Arun Sahni and singer Suresh Wadkar are expected to be present.

“We occupy 2.5% of the land mass and have more than 17% of the world’s population, how is that not an issue that needs to be addressed on an urgent basis,” said Mr. Gaur.

Several State governments, most recently Assam, have linked access to government jobs, facilities and even eligibility to contest local body polls to following the two-child norm. “We want a central law that mandates all that. As a country from morning to night the spreading thin of our resources over such a large population has a really bad effect on the future of our children,” said Mr. Gaur.


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