Welfare of Tax Payers #Bharat4PopulationLaw

Taxpayers have been Contributing for the Development of Bharat & Society since 1947. The money paid by them in terms of Taxes is used for Growth, Development & Security of Nation, Services for Citizens and many more.

Taxpayers are the earning members of the Nation. They are the NATION BUILDERS.

This is their responsibility to check whether Public Representatives elected by them and Public Servants are using their funds properly or not?

If their funds contributed through Taxes are being misused than who are responsible and for what they are afraid to raise their voice against the Poor System.

In order to create a Forum for Discussion and Represent Issues of the Taxpayers, who are the Contributors to the Country's Exchequer, we have an Organization created as a first step. Step into the Organization. Be active from your desk. Send messages and get heard.

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