Safety of Natural Resources #Bharat4PopulationLaw

Each year the number of Human Beings is increasing continuously, but the amount of Natural Resources to Sustain this Population are Decreasing day by day.

We have to think about the Conditions of our Natural Resources? Now we have No Fresh Air to Breathe, No Fresh Water to Drink, No Fresh Food to Eat and many more. Bharat is an Agricultural based Economy and Agricultural area is Decreasing.

Same with Forest Covered, Glaciers, Fresh Water Reserves and many more.

The only and one thing that is Increasing is Population and due to this there is a lot of Increase in Poverty, Unemployment, Starvation, Food Adulteration, Health Issues, Crime and many more.

The Supply and Demand Ratio in our Country has a huge difference.

Safety and Revival of our Natural Resources are must for us and for our Coming Generations.

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