About Tax Payers Association of Bharat (TAXAB)

Tax Payers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) is an independent advocacy group of conscious, responsible, law abiding tax payers who wish to actively contribute to the nation-building process. As active contributors to the tax revenues of the nation, TAXAB has emerged as a powerful voice to reach out to the government with citizenship concerns and demands. Our members pledge their allegiance to the nation by paying their taxes on time.

TAXAB believes that a conscious citizenry ought to be comprised of people who deeply care for the nation and its well-being. This implies that we lead lives in a manner that is congruent and compliant with the country’s goals. Be it environment, natural resources, education, healthcare or infrastructure, we believe, that as responsible citizens, each of us ought to take equal responsibility and ownership in order to progress as a nation.

During the last 2 years, We, the Taxpayers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) creating awareness to raise our utmost its desired concern and apprehension over the alarming Population Growth.

For that, we are running a nationwide awareness campaign focusing on the menace of the growing population of India and its ill effects.

Mission Population Control India

From independence to now, India’s growth story is no doubt huge and holds merit. But it has also been severely punctuated due to resource constraints. This we believe is further accentuated by a burgeoning population crisis. Manifold increase in number of mouths to feed and lives to sustain has meant acute stress on natural resources, fractured development and a country far from realizing its potential.

TAXAB believes that it is not an either/or situation. Given the mammoth proportion of the problem that stares the nation in its face, it is time to consider both options in the calibrated measure. Time has passed when we would rely on just the behavior change. The problem is too huge and its consequences are potentially devastating.

Against this backdrop, Taxab has taken up the cause of population control and has emerged as a significant advocacy group that not just reaches out to the masses to spread awareness about the problem.

It is time we wake up and take control, for this nation is too precious and we cannot let this gangrene in the garb of a booming population consume us.

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